Simpson Charters - Home of the Hog Slayers
Located in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula
(907) 252-2157


     There are many charter captains operating out of Ninilchik and Seward.  Fred Riches with Joe and brother Jack on the rightIf you want to take a boat ride, choose one of them!

I have fished with Capt. Joe for nearly 20 years.  I have NEVER left without my limit.

If you come to Ninilchik or Seward to catch fish, you have to choose Capt. Joe.

--Fred Riches
Orlando, FL

Craig on the far rightHi Big Joe,
     Just wanted to say thanks for the great fishing trips.  It is almost like we went catching instead of fishing.

 We did put in our time.  Carl, Tony and I are still telling stories about the whole scene.  When we get back up your way we will be looking you up.

 --Craig Jensen
New York, NY

Leona on the right     We have been fishing with Joe since the summer of 2000.  Not only does this allow us to stock our freezer with the bounties of the sea it also gives us an opportunity to share the great recreational resources Alaska has to offer with our out of town relatives and friends.

--Wally and Leona Jackson
Kenai, AK

     After just moving to Alaska I wanted to learn to fish these beautiful waters.  I was recommended to Simpson Charters in Ninilchik.Chip with Captain Joe

     Not one seeking price gouging, ultra fancy, and volume driven guide service, Simpson Charters proved to be the best experience because Joe did what I wanted, and that was to learn and catch a lot of quality fish.  I recommend them to anybody that wants a real Alaska Fishing experience and not just an expensive boat ride.

     I own my own vessel now, but still continue to fish with Joe Simpson annually.  You should also complete the fishing experience with a stay at their lodge cabins and enjoy the infamous "Firepit" gatherings where no lies are ever told.   ***** Rating

--Chip Zolinski
Orlando, FL

     I have been a client of Joe Simpson's for years.  Fishing with Joe has been something I look forward to every spring.  I have always been able to fill my freezer with halibut and salmon and have enough left over to send to my family on the East coast.Steve and Barbara Pope

     Joe not only insures a great catch but safety is always his number one priority.  He has great cabins to stay at that are kept clean and neat.  It is always fun after a long day of fishing to go back to his cabins, shower, cook, and then enjoy fishing stories around the campfire.

     Rain or shine, fishing with Simpson is a blast.  I have experienced many other guide services but now it's Simpson's Charters or nothing.

--Barbara Pope
Anchorage, AK

     My Dad and I have fished with Joe for over 15 years every summer.  Not sure we would keep coming back if it were not for him.  Joe has always made our trips a joy.  He is great entertaining company as well as informative about what he does.  His "live to fish, fish to live" attitude makes him one of the best on the water.  I am sure Joe would not want me to say this but it's true.Hank and Tom Mishima

     I brought a few friends from California with me a few years ago and in the first 90 minutes of King fishing they landed 2 fish, 67 pounds and 62 pounds.  It was a rare occurrence but it was one of those experiences you never forget.

     So if you fish with Joe just be ready for a fun time.

--Tom Mishima
Los Angeles, CA

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